Huawei Honor 6X Outperforms Xiaomi Note 4

As Huawei Honor 6X and Xiaomi Note 4 launched same time, huawei honor 6x is definitely a favorite among two. Honor as a sub-brand from huawei is becoming more and more popular, and giving a tough time to Xiaomi phones. If i were to choose between xiaomi and huawei, i will definitely opt huawei, given the fact that there is quality all around with outrageous performance.Honor 6X is available in 3 variants globally 3GB 32GB, 4GB 32GB and 4GB 64GB.

Honor 6X Design, simple and appealing

In terms of processing, Honor has shown has proved its quality and reliability with most the honor phones . Also with the 6X there is nothing to complain about. The 150 x 76 x 8mm Uni-body aluminum housing is super-processed and is interrupted at the top and bottom by 2 plastic covers to ensure a good reception. With 162 g and the dimensions mentioned, the smartphone is pleasantly slim and quite light.

huawei honor 6x back viewhuawei honor 6xhuawei honor 6x back camerahuawei honor 6x back

huawei honor 6x usb speaker

On the back is the dual camera plus LED flash. Underneath is the fingerprint sensor. On the front you can find over the display as usual speakers, camera, sensor and even an RGB notification LED . Soft touch buttons can not be found here, since Honor places on-screen buttons.

On the right are the volume rocker and the power button. Both have a good pressure point and sit firmly in the housing. On the left-hand side is the SIM slot, in which the SIM or SD cards can be found.

Honor 6X comes with Kirin 655.The internal memory has a capacity of 32GB or alternatively 64GB. The latter is only available in combination with 4GB memory. With a read / write speed of 165 or 80 MB / s , it is absolutely not one of the fastest. If necessary, the memory can be expanded with an SD card, but the dual SIM.

the Honor 6X stands itself as is a affordable feature packed smartphone, which offers good processor and camera, for a price tag of $229, its definitely worth considering over the regular boring note series from xiaomi

Huawei Honor 6X Model BLN-AL10 with 5.5 Inch Hd screen and Dual Camera along with 3GB RAM 32GB ROM Kirin 655  is selling for $229

Xiaom M365 Electric Scooter Now available for Sale

Xiaomi, the renowned phone manufacturer launched M365 two wheel electric scooter. M365 scooter is featuring Innovative folding design, manufactured from an aluminum alloy, weighing 12.5 kg along with E-ABS braking system, kinetic energy conversion, cruise control system and intelligent drive and much more, lets learn more about this cool new scooter.

Xiaomi M365 Electric Scooter

Before we actually have an insight into M365 , lets look into some detailed technical specifications of Xiaomi M365 Electric Scooter. (Buy now- currently available for Purchase here, ships world wide)

driving xiaomi M365 Scooter

Xiaomi M365 Technical Specifications

Starting with dimensions when the scooter is unfolded, below are the length and height.
  • Brand:Xiaomi
  • Model: M365
  • Weight:approximately 12.5 kg
  • Frame Material:aircraft-grade aluminum
  • Tire size:8.5 inches
  • Motor size:6.7 inches
  • Color:white, black


  • Top speed:25 km / H, power-saving mode of 18km / h
  • Maximum torque:16 N • m
  • Motor power:250 the W
  • Instantaneous maximum power:500 the W
  • Motor Control:sine wave vector control, current loop control algorithm speed 
  • Maximum grade ability:14%
  • Applicable Terrain:cement, asphalt, flat dirt road, not more than 1cm step, no more than 3cm wide channel
  • Chassis height:about 87.5mm
  • Protection class:IP54

Power System

  • Energy structure:30 18650 High-power lithium batteries imported unit
  • Mileage:30 km
  • Charger Rated power:71W
  • Charger rated input voltage:100-240V ~, 50 / 60Hz
  • Battery charging voltage limit:42V
  • Charging time:about 5 hours
  • Smart Battery Management System:abnormal temperature / short circuit / under voltage auto sleep / over current / overcharging double / double over-discharge protection
  • Standard power consumption :one hundred km power 1.1kW • h


  • Braking distance :dry 4 m
  • Brake:regenerative braking and brake disc combination
  • Tyre material:Pneumatic rubber tires


  • Headlight:1.1W high-brightness of the front lights
  • Taillights:the LED taillights
  • Battery indicator:4 LED lights
  • Mode switch indicator:the bottom of the battery indicator, in the normal mode when displaying white, green energy-saving mode

Riding requirements

  • Saving mode:a top speed of 18km / h, acceleration is more gentle, suitable for beginners familiar with riding
  • Age:16 to 50 years old
  • Applicable Height:120 ~ 200cm
  • Maximum load:100kg

Dimensions, Product size

  • Dimensions (un-folded) of about 1080mm * 430mm * 1140mm
  • Product size (folded) of about 1080mm * 430mm * 490mm
M365 electric Scooter dimensions

Some Quick notes on the above mentioned specifications

1. In the case of full power, 75kg load, 25 ° C, flat road without wind environment, measured in 15km / h constant speed driving mode Is different. 
2. Measured by electricity metering equipment filled with small Mimi home electric scooter required power is about 0.335kW • h. 
100 km standard power consumption is calculated as: a single full charge power required (0.335kW • h) ÷ typical life mileage (30km) × 100km = 100 km standard power consumption. 
3. At 20km / h speed, the temperature of about 20 ℃, 75kg load, tire pressure 30-35PSI, dry asphalt pavement measured.

Feature Highlights of M365 Electric Scooter

  • Minimalist geometric design, one minute easy to get started
  • 30 kilometers long battery life,
  • dual brake system portable folding
  • Aviation-grade aluminum alloy body, light to 12.5kg, easy travel.selected aircraft-grade aluminum as the main load-bearing material with low density but high strength characteristics, and has excellent thermal conductivity and corrosion resistance
  • Non-slip handle design, comfortable grip

Dual front and rear brake system - safety first

M365 electric scooters, equipped with ventilated disc brake system and E-ABS anti-lock braking system, brake efficient rapid response, short braking distance to 4 m for safe riding and peace of mind.

M365 Scooter disc Brake system

A power button, that does a lot
M365 handle

Control buttons are located at the top - LED power indicator lights,holding the  the switch for 2 seconds or more to turn off the vehicle; after the vehicle is turned on, press the switch briefly: turn on / off the running lights; After the vehicle is turned on, press the switch twice in succession: Toggles between normal mode and power saving mode.

Super-bright headlights and tail lights

Not all electric scooters have front lights, and on a poorly lit surface, a 1.1-W high-brightness headlamp that shines up to 6 meters gives you peace of mind and better visibility during nights. A bright red warning light in the rear will accompany you in the dark, pressing the brake handle will flash the tail light.

Xiaomi M365 Tail Light

30 Km Long Battery Life

Using high-security 18650 lithium-powered lithium batteries, high-powered high-power, safe and durable performance. 
Intelligent battery management system to inform you through the mobile phone battery health of APP, in case of problems can be promptly reminded.

Short circuit protection
Over current protection
Double overcharge protection
Double over-discharge protection
Temperature anomaly protection
Under voltage automatic - sleep

Xiaomi M365 LG Battery

Affordable Pricing,

Xiaomi M365 electric scooter is currently selling for $499 including custom taxes and free shipping to most of the countries, as its only available in China, if you would like to buy, you can check the availability here.

Buy xiaomi M365 Scooter here